Official's Year in Love

The relationship trends that popped in 2023 and how Gen Z couples are connecting in the year ahead*

How Official Couples Connected in 2023

We're in our connection era. The average Official Couple discovered 91 new ideas to try in the bedroom last year.

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It's safe for the bedroom, though.

Missionary position

Missionary FTW

Surveyed Gen Z couples were 2x more likely to report missionary as their favorite position compared to Millennial and Gen X users.

Gen Z Official users were also less likely to vote yes on intimacy positions than older generations using Official.
pink fuzzy handcuffs

Toy in the Bedroom

43% of surveyed Gen Z couples stated that they’re open to introducing toys in the bedroom, while 54% of surveyed Millennial and Gen X couples are already doing so.

Pink fuzzy cuffs were the No. 1 swiped intimacy toy in 2023.
two people bathing

Building a Gen Z Fantasy

Gen Z Official users like to keep it clean! Bathing together, having sex in the shower, hanging in a hotel bathtub with a tremendous view, and an at-home spa day were all in Gen Z Official user's top ten kink preferences.

Cuddling all night took the top spot.

POV: Gen Z

Dating Trends in 2024

Laptop with mouse
How Gen Z Couples Responded
  • A casual dinner is the top non-negotiable for date night for Gen Z couples who were surveyed. Can we get a bon appétit?
  • 36% of Gen Z respondents stated that posting their relationship on social media is essential. Gen Z is 1.5x more likely to deem this a requirement than Millennials and Gen X.

  • More than half of Gen Z couples who were surveyed opted to launch their relationship on social media, with 36% soft launching and 23% hard launching within a couple of months.
  • By vote, sending memes is the No. 1 appreciated digital display of affection, with posting about their partner being a close second.
  • Last but not least, the answer to when couples start sharing the tea with their partner: Immediately.

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